Confident Storytelling Podcast Season 3

Introducing the season 3 of Confident Storytelling Podcast

If you're a coach, entrepreneur, or mid-career/senior professional wondering about the buzz around storytelling and its impact, you're in the right place at Confident Storytelling. 

Hosted by Coach Haritos Srivastav, a Confident Storytelling Coach, Certified Mentor, and Amazon Bestseller Author, this podcast delves into Storytelling, its applications, and how it can boost your confidence.

A bit of history about this podcast -

  • Started on 1st Jan 2021
  • Total 56 episodes in the last 2.5 years
  • Previously called as 'Small Town Bigger Dreams Podcast'

Season 3 aims to explore deeper concepts, crafting compelling stories, and delivering them with impact.

We also gave a quick glimpse of UNLEASH 2023

4 Stages of Storytelling Journey 

  1. Nervous, Forgetful storyteller
  2. Messy, Boring storyteller
  3. Conscious Good Storyteller and 
  4. Confident, Spontaneous storyteller. 

6 Steps to Elevate Storytelling Level 

  1. Upgrading mindset, 
  2. Finding the right stories, 
  3. Crafting compelling tales, 
  4. Delivering to various audiences, 
  5. Seeking feedback, and continuous improvement
  6. Upgrade to the next level

5 C's to Becoming a Confident Storyteller  

  1. Courses
  2. Coaching 
  3. Challenges
  4. Certification  
  5. Community 

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Thanks and regards 

Haritosh Srivastav 

Founder & Master Coach

Confident Storytelling Hub

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